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MEET the team


Lead Photographer

Jo studied and completed her BA(Hons) in Fine Art Photography when film was still used in cameras, not memory cards! 

After starting her photography career in the corporate and commercial world, Jo was drawn towards private events and family photography because she recognises the importance and longevity of capturing cherished milestone moments.  

Always seeking to grow creatively, Jo joined the Chiko Photography team in 2013. Bringing with her the wealth of knowledge and experiences learnt previously, she continues to explore new techniques and ways to play and push her photography forward. 

Finding the world and people in it so beautiful, Jo feels privileged to capture the wide variety of our clients' functions for them. Her playful nature and big smile is great for putting her clients at ease, allowing them to relax and enjoy themselves knowing their photographs will show them at their best. 

A little-known fact about Jo is her first camera was actually her brother’s 13th birthday present, as a curious younger sister she successfully adopted it as her own. Never realizing that this would be a beginning of a lifelong love. 

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Lead Photographer

Chiko started his career in photography in 1990 as a young apprentice in his grandfather’s company. The family business was a leader in the field of editing and darkroom techniques. Chiko’s Grandfather, a highly acclaimed wedding photographer, passed down the knowledge and professionalism to his children and grandchildren like a secret of an old family recipe, enriching Chiko’s abilities and talents which enabled him to pursue his career into artistic, fashion photography.


Chiko founded the company in the UK in 2005, bringing a new style to the British market by combining his artistic touch with a professional edge. He began the company with one member of staff and one PC and has been growing at rapid speed ever since, becoming an industry leader.


Today, Chiko leads our team to provide an exceptional service to a wide variety of clients ensuring we are always at the forefront of our industry with our products and services. Chiko loves to challenge himself in his artistic nature; he is always looking to bring something fresh and unique to his photography, be that private or corporate functions, family photo shoots or portraits. He we will immediately put you at ease with his calm nature and charm, whilst ensuring you are having fun and enjoying yourself. A little known fact about Chiko is that he was a professional footballer. He is still passionate about sports and fitness and enjoys a good game with his mates and weekly Muay-Thai training.

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Office Manager

Shira is our office manager, hers is the first cheery voice you will hear when you contact Chiko Photography!  

Shira is in charge of compiling and organising all the important details of every shoot, from first contact until the final pictures are delivered to our clients. After joining us in 2021, Shira’s expertise in running the office day to day ensures that each client will be able to enjoy their special event, knowing that every detail and request has been heard by the team. 

A fun fact about Shira is that her attention to detail is so immaculate, it even extends to her colourful manicures which will be different every time you see her! 


Graphics Team Lead

Mar has been our lead graphic designer since she joined us in 2021. Her degree in visual communication, as well as her experience in events photography, means she bring a unique eye to complete the creative process at Chiko Photography. 

Working closely with our photographers, Mar continues the creative vision by overseeing the editing and retouching that will tell every client’s individual story of their special event. This extends to designing each unique album layout, that she is proud will be showcased in clients' homes for them to admire for years to come. 

Mar’s love for storytelling extends to a keen interest in music too – she has a varied taste for multiple genres of music and her favourite acts range between Britney Spears, Foo Fighters and local bands from her home country of Argentina. You’ll often find her focused on her computer screen, listening to music and humming along while she works.   

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