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About me

Chiko started his career in photography in 1990 as a young apprentice in his grandfather’s wedding business, which was considered a leader in the field of editing and darkroom techniques.

Chiko’s father, a highly acclaimed wedding photographer taught him ground breaking photo development which later replaced the hallowed dark room.

The knowledge and professionalism of Chiko’s grandfather was passed on to his children and grandchildren like a secret of an old family recipe enriching Chiko’s abilities and talents which enabled him to pursue his career into artistic, fashion photography.

Today, Chiko and his team provide an exceptional service to a wide variety of clients on a daily basis including weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, family portraits, editorial, corporate events and International projects to name a few.

Chiko thrives on spontaneous photography, the ability to be in the right place at the right time, capturing the energy and emotion in one unique moment.

His ability to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere brings out the best in people and enables his pictures to tell a beautiful story.

With Chiko’s wealth of experience, incredible attention to detail and incomparable passion for photography, he has become one of the leading photographers in Europe.

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