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About Us

Chiko Photography thrives on spontaneous photography, the ability to be in the right place at the right time, capturing the energy, emotion and the love in one unique moment. Our ability to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere brings out the best in people and enables our pictures to tell your beautiful story. We specialize in private event photography as well as corporate, commercial and portrait photography. With our wealth of experience, we have become one of the leading wedding and private event photographers in Europe.

Private Events

One of the cornerstones of wedding and private event photography is bringing positive energy and a smile to the day which is especially important as the photographer is the only person who is physically present with the couple and family throughout the whole day.

We believe there are three words that show our philosophy as a company. Emotions, Family and Eternal.

Emotions – this word truly encapsulates who we are and what we strive for our pictures to portray. We want to ensure that when you are looking over your album in 30 years’ time you are brought right back to that incredible moment. Your pictures should tell your story.

Family - every single client of ours is our family. We want the absolute best for you, and for you to feel at ease. We believe that we do not simply “ take pictures” but we are creating historical moments to be passed from generation to generation.

Eternal – Photographs are incredible as they literally pause moments of people’s lives! In years to come you can look back on these incredible memories, they inspire us. They allow a window into your lives, your personality and who you are. Let us create your legacy!

Corporate and Commercial Photography

In the corporate and commercial world, we aim to bring our expertise to a variety of functions from parties, gala dinners, cocktail parties, conferences, brand launches, experiential events and even office staff portraits. We will always positively reflect your company and the industry you operate in.

The importance of corporate photography in this digital world is ever growing. Allow us to capture the growth of your company.

Living in such a viral world, we understand that your brand must be positively reflected in all of your marketing tools –therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on marketing and making sure you get the right photos for publicity use, brochures, leaflets, online marketing and fundraising. What better way to surpass your goals, than to use a company that prides itself on excellence?

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